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Product: 18,000 BTU/CCB - Ceiling Casette Air Conditioner -18HR1 - R410a GAS

Product Description

Model CCB-18HR1
Indoor Power SupplyV-Ph-Hz220~240/1/50 
CoolingCapacity Btu/h18000
 Input W 75
 Rate Current A0.4 
 EER w/w2.67
Heating Capacity Btu/h20000 
 Capacity Kw5.9 
 Input W75 
  Rated Current A0.4
  COP w/w3.27 
Max. Input ConsumptionW2500
Max. CurrentA12.6
Indoor Fan MotorModel YDK-35T-4 1
 Input W75
  Capacitor uF2.5
  Speed (Hi/Mi/Lo) r/min1050/950/830 
Indoor CoilNumber of Rows2
 Tube Pitch (a) x Row Pitch (b) mm21 x 12.7 
  Fin Spacing mm1.55 
  Fin TypeHydrophilic Aluminum 
  Tube Outside Dia and Type mm? 7 Inner grooved
 Number of Circuits
Indoor Airflow (Hi/Mi/Lo)m3/h700 
Indoor Noise LeveldB ( A)43~48
Indoor UnitDimension Body (W x H x D) Body mm580 x 580 x 275
 Panel mm650 x 650 x 30
 Packaging (W x H x D) Body mm745 x 675 x 375 
  Panel mm750 x 750 x 95 
 Nett Gross Weight Body Kg25/27
 Panel Kg2.7/4.0
Max PressureMPa4.0 
Refrigerant Type R410A 
Refrigering PipingLiquid Side / Gas Side mm? 6.35/?12.7(1/4"+1/2') 
Drainage  Pipemm25
Controller Remote controller 
Operation TemperatureoC16~32 
Ambient TemperatureoC-7~43 
Application Aream220-35
Model COU-18HR1
Power SupplyV-Ph-Hz220~240/1/50 
CoolingCapacity Btu/h18000
 Input  W1900 
 Rated Current A8.26
Heating Capacity Btu/h20000 
 Input W1690
  Rated Current A7.35
Max Input ConsumptionW 2500
Max CurrentA11.36
Starting currentA40
 Type Rotary
 Capacity Btu/h18800
 Input W1900
 Rated Current (RLA) A8.8
 Locked Rotor (LRA) A40
 Thermal Protector Internal
 Capacitor uF60
 Refrigerant Oil ml600
Outdoor Motor FanModelYDK-38-6B
 Input W80
 Capacitor uF2.5 
 Speed (Hi/Lo) r/min920 
 Outdoor CoilNumber of  Rows2
 Tube Pitch (a) Test Row Pitch mm25x21.65
 Fin Spacing mm1.7
 Fin TypeHydrophilic 
Tube Outside Dia. and Typemm9.52 Inner grooved 
 Number of Circuits4
Outdoor Airflowm3h2800 
Outdoor Noise LeveldB (A) 53
Outdoor UnitDiamension (W x H x D) mm866 x 304 x 535
 Packaging (W x H x D) mm920 x 335 x 585
 Nett Gross Weights Kg41/43
Refrigerant Type (R410a) / QtyType /gR410A/1200
Trottle Part Capillary 
Design PressureMPa4.0/1.2
Max PressureMPa4.0 
Connecting WiringPower SupplyFrom indoor unit 
 Power Wiring mm3x1.5 
 Signal Wiring mm 5x1.5 
Refrigerant PipingLiquid Side / Gas Side  mm6.35/12.7(1/4"+1/2") 
 Max Pipe Length m20 
 Max High Drop m10 
Ambient temperatureÂșC


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18,000 BTU/CCB - Ceiling Casette Air Conditioner -18HR1 - R410a GAS 
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