Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Save on your Air Conditioner maintenance and stay comfortable!  A major service consists off:

  • Check air filter - Clean and decontaminate. Should the filter be torn or damaged it will be necessary to provide a new filter
  • Check conditions of evaporator coil - High pressure clean with chemicals and decontaminate
  • Check condition of condensing coil - High pressure clean with chemicals
  • Check condensate drip trays and drains -Treat for corrosion and decontaminate
  • Check fan blades - Balance/secure/corrosion free/chips and dents etc.
  • Check fan motor - Running freely/true/bearings/oil where applicable.
  • Check compressor - Suspended freely/grommets and bushes condition/overload
  • protector/over heating/take amp reading.
  • Check thermostat’s switches and contactors – Operating/elements/exhaust/damper/wiring/connections.
  • Check refrigeration system - Leaks/tubing is clear of other components.
  • Check amps - All amp reading to comply with manufacturer’s specification.
  • We do an aircon register of your current units. Load these into our system and you will be notified by email when servicing is due
  • Clean equipment and area
  • Observe operation in all it’s functions
  • Check and tighten - Pipe fittings
  • Check - Head and suction pressure/adjust gas volume if required
  • Clean weather seal - Leaks
  • Major Services exclude any other repairs.
  • An additional quotation will be given for repairs
  • Major Services excludes re-gas of Air conditioner

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Available in:

Despatch, Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth and Surrounds

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Tel: 0041 933 1440  |  Cell:  083 653 6469

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